Open Repository – Repository software survey, November 2010


Name: BioMed Central
Home Page URL:
Type: Commercial
Other (Specify): -

Repository Software Product

Product Name: Open Repository
Product URL:
Latest Version ID
(October 2010)
License Cost: Commercial
Product Type: Hosted service


Free (community) Support: Free - community
Free (direct) Support: Free - direct
Not-for-profit Paid Support: -
Commercial Paid Support: With license
Update Cost (minor revisions): With license
Update Cost (major revisions): With license

Supported Item Types (Storage and rendition)

Documents (pdf, doc, ppt,...): current standard
Images (jpeg, gif, png,...): current standard
Video (mpeg, avi,...): current standard
Audio (mp3, wav,...): current standard
Learning objects (scorm,...): current standard
Other: -
Other (specifics): Can store & manage all content types

Metadata Formats

Dublin Core: Dublin Core
Qualified DC: Qualified DC
Other: Can import/export content from a variety of metadata formats, including MODS, MARC, PREMIS, etc)

Thumbnail Previews

Image Files: current standard
Video Files: future optional
PDF & Texts: current standard

User Interface Functions

End-user Deposition: current standard
Built-in PDF Making: -
Multi-language Support: current standard

Format conversion

Convert To PDF: current standard
To PDF from: -
Convert To PDF-A: -
To PDF-A from: -
Convert To XML: -
To XML from: -

Advanced Searching

Field-specific: Field-specific
Boolean logic: Boolean logic
Sorting options: Sorting options

Browse View Options

Author: Author
Academic Unit: Academic Unit
Subjects: Subjects
Year: Year
Title: Title
Collections: Collections
Other: Configurable. Any field can be used for browsing

Default Subject Classes

LoC Classification: -
LoC Subject Headings: -
DDC: -
UDC: -
Controlled Vocabularies: -
Other: As defined by customer


Atom: -
Twitter: -
Other Syndication Options: -

User Validation

Registration Required: current optional
LDAP Authentication: current optional
Athens Authentication: future optional
Shiboleth Authentication: future optional

Web 2.0

Tagging: -
Comments: -
Ratings: -
Reviews: -
Bookmarks: current standard
Share this...: current standard
Other Web 2.0 Details: -

Statistical Reporting

Top Downloads: current standard
Count of Full Records: current standard

Software Platforms & Dependencies

Operating Systems

Windows: -
Mac OS X: -
Other: Hosted Service


MySQL: -
Oracle: -
PostgreSQL: -
Microsoft SQL Server: -
Cloud Storage: -
Other: Other
Other (Specifics): Cloud support will be added as a future option

Scripting Languages

Java: -
PHP: -
JavaScript: -
Other: -

Other Specifications

Other Specifications: Hosted service

Machine-to-Machine Interoperabilty

OAI-PMH: current standard
SWORD: current standard
SWAP: current standard
RDF: -
RoMEO Integration: future optional
OAI-PMH Harvesting: current standard
Other: Open Search

Administrators' Functions

Bulk Import: current standard
Bulk Export: current standard
Cover Sheet Generation: future optional
Customisable Workflow: current standard

Documentation & Help

Online Manual URL: -
Discussion List: -
Helpline Email:
Phone: (44) 02031922000


Training: Training
Consultancy: Consultancy
Site Visits: Site Visits
Other: This is a hosted service

Exemplar Repositories

1. Name: University of Wolverhampton
2. Name: Médecins Sans Frontières
3. Name: -
URL: -


: -

Open Repository repositories in OpenDOAR

List of Repositories:
Worldwide Google Map:


  • Current - Features in the product version that users can download/install and use today.
  • Future - Features that are currently undergoing testing or are planned for a future version.
  • Standard - Features that come "out of the box" and whose removal or disabling would require special effort.
  • Optional - Features that come as part of the normal package but which users must install or enable if they want them.
  • 3rd Party - Features that can be provided using software or add-ins from third party suppliers.
  • [blank] - The product does not have the relevant feature.

Note on Fedora. Fedora is a toolkit that provides an architecture for the development of repository software and not a repository package as such. This is reflected in the answers to some questions. See the Fedora Remarks for more details.

Note on hosted services. While hosted services are built on particular technologies they do not in general expose these technologies to the end user. This will be refelected in the answers to 'platform' based questions

The information in this data sheet has been provided by BioMed Central in response to an RSP survey, and has not necessarily been verified by RSP staff.