Workflows are a breakdown of the administrative tasks needed within a repository. They allow the various activities involved in the running of the repository to be assigned to the individuals or groups who best able to deal with them. A submission workflow defines the steps involved in adding content to the repository, gathering the necessary metadata, permissions and files associated with the content, and doing all the necessary checks on these elements before making the item available to the wider world.

Spend some time thinking about your submission workflows at an early stage in your repository development, this task often works well alongside defining your metadata schema . It is worthwhile having thought about and discussed submission workflows prior to the point when you come to configure and customise your repository software as you will need your input forms to reflect the choices you have made. Once you have draft workflows in place we recommend you test them with a group of your users and remain flexible to allow your workflows to adapt over time.

The KULTIVATE Project has created a Decision Making Toolkit which describes the processes and workflows at the University of the Creative Arts. This can be adapted and reused by anyone, but it will be of particular interest to those respositories which include creative arts material.

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