Planning checklist

The planning checklists to be found in each key section of the RSP web site are offered as a series of key questions designed to ‘make you think'. Please note that we have not crowded presentation by trying to offer answers to the questions, many of which may be local or specific to each institution.

In this section the various topics to consider at the stage when you are setting up your repository are covered. Here are the questions to ask yourself:

  • Have you created a requirements document that sets out the specifications you require from the chosen system?
  • Have you compared repository software to find which best fulfil the requirements?
  • Which repository software will best serve the identified requirements? Do you want to use open source software, free to obtain but requires local support? Or paid-for repository services hosted elsewhere? Or a mixture of local support and bought custom services as needed?
  • What are the platform requirements for your chosen software? Must it run on Windows, or is a Linux server supported?
  • Does the technical support team have any programming requirements? Some repository software has administrator interfaces that reduce programming requirements.
  • Have you installed and configured your software?
  • Have you considered how to integrate your software with other systems within the institution?
  • What other systems and services might the repository be required to share information with? This is often referred to as 'interoperability'. As well as OAI, this is also likely to embrace Web services standards, including Web 2.0, digital library systems and other institutional and personal information systems.
  • Have you registered your institutional repository with external services to facilitate harvesting?
  • Have you decided if and how you will collect usage and item download statistics for your repository? Will you use a tool built into your chosen repository, or an external tool or repository add-on?
  • Have you decided how your institutional repository users will be authenticated?
  • Have you defined your metadata requirements and set up an appropriate schema?
  • Have you checked your metadata meets the required standards for interoperability?
  • Have you considered the workflows within your institutional repository and set up appropriate mechanisms to deal with incoming content?
  • Is the repository budget sufficient to achieve the technical requirements?