Policies & legal issues

This section provides information to help you create the policies that provide the framework for managing the repository and legal compliance.

Content policies

Advice on creating policies for defining the type of content that will be stored in your repository.

Submission policies

Defining the policies for getting content into the repository.

Data re-use policies

Advice on specifying how the content in your repository can be used by others.

Preservation policies

Help for considering how you define the preservation approach for your repository.

Copyright issues

Handling copyright can be one of the most difficult task for repository manager and administrators. This section provides advice on creating your copyright policies.

Take-down policies

It is important for repositories to have a robust policy to deal with disputes over items that have been submitted. This isection provides advice on defining take-down policies.


Advice on creating policies for content where an embargo has been imposed.

Planning checklist

Our planning checklist will help you to ensure that you have considered all of the relevant questions relating to the policies governing your repository.