Planning checklist

The planning checklists to be found in each key section of the RSP web site are offered as a series of key questions designed to ‘make you think’. Please note that we have not crowded presentation by trying to offer answers to the questions, many of which may be local or specific to each institution.

In this section the various topics to consider at the very outset of planning your repository are covered. Here are the questions to ask yourself:

  • What is an institutional repository and what does it mean to you?
  • Have you outlined and documented the purpose and drivers for institutional repository establishment in your institution?
  • Have you defined your vision and initial goals?
  • Have you decided how to position your institutional repository within your wider information environment?
  • What is the target content of the repository? This could include research papers and data, electronic theses, as well as teaching and learning resources.
  • Have you completed a stakeholder analysis? Stakeholders are those people with a vested interest in how the repository represents the institution, and themselves, to the world. In the case of an institutional repository, stakeholders will include senior institutional managers, departmental leaders, and those who are expected to contribute content.
  • Do you have an institution wide IPR policy?
  • Have you done a risk assessment?
  • Considering the type of content your institutional repository will contain have you consulted your academic community to explore their current practice and method of dealing with these materials?
  • Do any of your Departments already have a repository or other digital stores of publications? How will you manage duplication, transfer of resources and metadata, and, perhaps, the closure of the Departmental repository?
  • Does your institution have an information management strategy?
  • Have you identified and briefed your project champion - a senior member of staff who will support your institutional repository project?
  • Have you established an institutionally representative working group?
  • Have you identified extant skills and personnel within the institution to call upon for advice and input? And have you let them know what you are planning?
  • Have you defined roles and responsibilities for your institutional repository development?
  • Have you made financial arrangements to support institutional repository work in the short/medium/long term?
  • What sort of statistics and management reports will you want from your institutional repository?