Welcoming Glamorgan DSpace

27th May 2008, by

On the 22nd May, the University of Glamorgan officially launched its new institutional repository - Glamorgan DSpace. Managed by Douglas Houston, the repository was installed and set up with help from the RSP team at Aberystwyth University. Accordingly, RSP staff were present at the launch - Chris Yates, Aberystwyth, who had provided most of the technical assistance, and Peter Millington, University of Nottingham, who was the guest speaker.

After an opening address by Jeremy Atkinson, Peter gave a presentation entitled "Welcome to the Open Access Repository World!", in which he described the worldwide community that Glamorgan had now joined, and outlined the issues and benefits surrounding open access repositories.

This talk was followed by a presentation by early adopter Graeme Boswell, a practicing academic researcher, who explained the benefits that the repository had brought him personally. The fact that "in press" articles can be made available in the repository well in advance of official publication has been particuarly helpful. [Slides]

Douglas rounded up the proceedings with a quick demonstration of the new repository.


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