Wales Metadata Event Success

31st October 2007, by

Welsh Repository Administrators Gather at National Library

On Monday 29th October, delegates from universities and colleges across Wales met together in the grand Council Chambers at the National Library of Wales for a day of presentations and practical sessions about the use of metadata for institutional repositories.

The event kicked off with a presentation from Jackie Knowles of the RSP about metadata issues for repositories (why we collect metadata, how it used, how we should store it, options available).

This was followed by a presentation by Lyn Lewis Dafis, the head of the Digitisation and Metadata Unit at the National Library of Wales. His talk examined the subject of metadata by using some case studies from the National Library, explaining how they use METS as a metadata standard in which to hold the vast array of metadata required for digitised materials. This included standard metadata, preservation metadata, and digitisation metadata. The talk was very useful to put the subject of metadata into a practical setting.

After an enjoyable lunch, the delegates split into groups to work on practical exercises. Each exercise consisted of a different type of object that repository managers may have to put into a repository (journal articles, book chapters, images, learning objects). Using new knowledge from the morning sessions, the delegates had to think about what metadata needs to be stored, how to store each bit of metadata, and what issues need to be examined further. Metadata schemas from DSpace, EPrints, JORUM and SWAP were provided to assist the delegates.

Following the exercises, the delegates gathered back together to discuss the challenges they faced, and how they would apply this to their own repositories.

The event was very well received by all participants. One participant said "The event exceed my expectations and was very though provoking as well as informative."

The event is likely to run again in other locations in 2008.


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