Three More RSP Technical Briefing Papers Released

13th May 2008, by

The RSP is pleased to announce the publication of three further briefing papers from their technical series:

Commercial Repository Solutions [ Paper ]

This briefing paper gives an overview of some of the considerations a repository manager might take into account when evaluating whether to use commercial repository software solutions.

Repositories, Content Management Systems and Portals [ Paper ]

This briefing paper discusses how repository software fits into an institution's information architecture, why repositories are quickly becoming essential information toolkits, and how they may provide the best tools for ongoing access and discovery.

Pilot to Production [ Paper ]

This briefing paper introduces the main considerations related to moving from a pilot repository service to a full production service, and the ongoing issue of managing upgrades to the repository.

All Briefing Papers are available as part of the Publication section of the RSP Website. The RSP would be interested to hear from you if you have ideas for future briefing paper titles that you would like to see. Please contact


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