The Winner takes it All

12th December 2007, by

Lucky delegate takes home an RSP branded iPod

Congratulations to Alison Robinson (Wolverhampton University) - she’ll shortly be the proud owner of a brand new, RSP branded iPod Shuffle. Alison was one of the many people who submitted their feedback for this year’s RSP events - and was in with a chance of winning our small inducement. Randomly drawn by Mary Robinson on Monday from all the forms we’d had back, to ensure there was no chance of bias.

Alison was delighted with her win and said:

Well what can I say but thanks for making my day! I will use it with pride and promise not to scratch off the RSP logo!!

And if you’d like to be in with a chance of a iPod too - well come along to the RSP 2008 events Jan-March and provide us with your feedback! Every form we receive will go into the draw.

Dates for events early 2008 have been announced, with more details and events to follow next week. Details on further repository focussed events through to June 2008 will be annouced in early February.

More details on the RSP Professional Briefing series of events for 2008 can be found here.


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