The RSP launch "The DSpace Course"

24th July 2008, by

Today the JISC-funded Repositories Support Project have formally launched a modular training course for DSpace - "The DSpace Course". The course materials have been published with a Creative Commons licence in order to facilitate their re-use.

The course is suitable for DSpace administrators and developers, with the choice of modules being dependent on the people taking the course. The course tutor can mix-and-match the modules to create a custom course. Each module comes with a set of PowerPoint slides, and an associated student workbook. The course has been successfully taught in the UK and Italy.

There are 20 modules in the course, with more modules due to be added soon. The modules include:

- An Introduction to DSpace
- How to Get Help
- Repository Structure
- Identifiers
- DSpace Configuration
- User management and authentication options
- Metadata Input Customisation
- Look and Feel Customisation
- Language Customisation
- Item Submission Workflows
- Import and Export
- Configuring LDAP
- Upgrading from 1.4. to 1.5

In addition to the course materials the RSP has released a DSpace 'Live CD'.

The CD allows any PC to be used as training machine with a copy of DSpace pre-installed, along with all of the files required to perform a new installation.

The CD is inserted into a computer upon boot, and will load a live version of the DSpace software without installation to the hard drive. Upon completion of the training course, remove the CD and the normal operating system will be loaded upon restart of the PC.

The course materials can be downloaded from:

The Live CD can be downloaded from:

The course has been written by Stuart Lewis (DSpace committer, developer and trainer), Chris Yates (DSpace developer, support provider and trainer) and has benefited from input by Claudia Jurgen (DSpace committer, developer and trainer).

For help and support, please direct all enquiries related to the course to

In addition the support team may be able to put you in touch with suitable trainers who could teach the course in your area.


For further information contact RSP.

Alternatively, email RSP Support or phone 0845 257 6860.