Attendance at "Repository Introduction" Staff Development session, Trinity College Carmarthen

16th September 2008, by

On 2nd September, Chris Yates (Technical Development Officer) and Hannah Payne (Repository Support Officer) from the Aberystwyth branch of the RSP attended a Staff Development training session at Trinity College Carmarthen introducing academic staff to the College's institutional repository. The session was arranged by Sally Wilkinson- Director of Learning Resources, and Repository Manager at the College. The session started with a presentation from Hannah considering: what is a repository; what does the repository scene look like worldwide; and what are the benefits of repositories to institutions such as Trinity. Sally then followed with a presentation specifically of where Trinity's repository is so far, and demonstrated how an item can be deposited into a repository, using the RSP presentation as an example.

The session was well attended, with more academic staff present than were expected. This extra attendance was thought to reflect the interest surrounding the repository within Trinity; and the general atmosphere at the end of the session was one of enthusiasm for the use of the system between the academics.

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