RSP Website Survey Draw

14th April 2008, by

Thanks to everyone who responded to our survey about the RSP website. Although we would have liked more replies - don't we always - the responses were constructive and thought-provoking. The names of all the respondents were put into a draw for one of the far-famed RSP-branded iPod Shuffles. The winner was Piers Todd from Cirencester College, who attended our Professional Briefing in Northampton.

As a group, the main things respondents liked were the wealth of practical information on setting up and running open access repositories, and the clear structure of the website. On the other hand, they disliked the sections with "information to follow", and some of them felt the pages were cluttered. The colour scheme had both fans and detractors, so it seems chacun à son goût. In the "What's missing" category, there was a wide variety of interesting ideas of what we could add to the website with no particular trends, although a few people suggested more case studies and adding advice on impact analyses.

Our website group will be considering all the replies, with the intention of building on our good points, rectifying our bad points, and adding yet more useful content. We are already making good progress in filling the gaps, and thanks to Open Repositories 2008 we have just added a useful number of case studies - see our case studies section.


For further information contact Peter Millington.

Alternatively, email RSP Support or phone 0845 257 6860.