RSP Preservation Events

28th May 2010, by

On 26th and 27th May the Repositories Support Project in partnership with Enhancing Repository Infrastructure in Scotland and the Welsh Repositories Network held two events to provide repository practitioners with on overview of the issues relating to preservation of digital resources. The events were held in Edinburgh on 26th May and Birmingham on 27th.

The programmes began with an overview of the field of digital preservation followed by a discussion of the concerns held by repository managers and administrators regarding their ability to enact preservation. Outputs from the Planets project highlighted the importance of an institution wide policy on preservation in securing budgets for preservation activities, although there was discussion of how specific the institutional policy should be where local domain knowledge is required. The importance of highlighting the risks to an institution of with failing to enact preservation were particularly emphasised.

The afternoon provided an overview of the wide variety of tools that are available to help practitioners in the planning of preservation policies, evaluating these policies and carrying out preservations actions. The focus was on the Planets Planning Tool PLATO but covered other useful tools and resources such as DRAMBORA and DAF. The days ended with a discussion on how to move forward with creating a preservation policy including creating action plans for the delegates to follow on return to their institutions.

The events were successful based on initial feedback in highlighting the need to consider preservation with most delegates of the opinion that it is considered by their institiution to be part of their role. Thanks go out from the organisers to the facilitators Andrew McHugh, Graham Pryor, Clive Billenness and Sarah Jones.


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