RSP at Online Information 2010

23rd November 2010, by

Jackie Wickham from the Repositories Support Project is presenting at Online Information 2010 on 30th November in the session Open Access: New insights and opportunities.

The presentation will focus on developments in the United Kingdom higher education sector and will include the following:

The background of repository managers and teams – where are they coming from?

The skills required to make institutional repositories a success. Traditionally, metadata has been seen as a key element of repositories and therefore the library and information community has been the obvious place to source staff. However, it has become clear that broader skills such as advocacy to encourage academics to deposit their work and project management are critical skill requirements. Also, information professionals need to keep ahead of new technological developments.

Emerging professional networks - the United Kingdom Council of Research Repositories.

The role of support services in helping to develop information professionals in their role. This includes the Repositories Support Project (RSP), the Welsh Repository Network (WRN) and the Enhancing Repository Infrastructure in Scotland (ERIS) Project.


For further information contact Jackie Wickham.

Alternatively, email RSP Support or phone 0845 257 6860.