More RSP Briefing Papers Released

29th April 2008, by

The RSP is pleased to announce the publication of further briefing papers:

Key Services [ Paper ]

This briefing paper gives an overview of some of the
key services currently available to repository managers and provides further details on how to access and use them.

Metadata [ Paper ]

This paper explores the topic of metadata in the repository and includes advice and information on metadata schemas and application profiles.

Making Effective Use of Your Repository [ Paper ]

Repositories are both part of an institution’s local information provision and part of the developing global open access information environment. This briefing paper discusses these contexts, helping the repository to serve the institution’s business needs effectively.

Repository Policy Framework - Updated [Paper]

Updated information about giving structure to your repository planning through the implementation of a policy framework.

All Briefing Papers are available as part of the Publication section of the RSP Website. The RSP would be interested to hear from you if you have ideas for future briefing paper titles that you would like to see. Please contact


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