Learning how to play nicely: Repositories and CRIS

11th May 2010, by

This was the title of a JISC/ARMA event organised by the Welsh Repositories Network held in Leeds on 7th May. And I think we did! It was an excellent day which helped to forge good relationships between research and repository staff. Case study presentations demonstrated a number of successful partnerships. These illustrated that there are as many ways of working together as there are institutions and that one size doesn't fit all. Having said there, sharing good practice, both in the presentations and café discussions, pointed the way to avoiding pitfalls and accelerating progress.

I came away with the conclusion that if you were starting from scratch then it makes sense for the CRIS to be the central system with the repository as a satellite. But I was also reassured that other models work very well too – very few start with a blank sheet. The key thing is to talk to each other: "early and often". (To borrow a phrase from voting – appropriate on the day after the election perhaps).

* "Current Research Information Systems"


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