Final Event of the Year takes on Metadata, Metrics & Mandates

30th November 2007, by

Leeds University event closes first phase of RSP Professional Briefing Events

Gareth Johnson (RSP) introduced the day and the topics, and following a brief recorded message on academic copyright ceded the floor to Pete Cliff (RSP). Pete brought the delegates up to date with a selection of recent events in the repository community, highlighting the various sites and resources for open access & repository news. The talk was updated following suggestions from repository managers met at previous events.

Rachel Proudfoot (White Rose Research Online) led an engaging session on her insight and experiences with academic response to funding mandates. Firstly she clarified issues around general and departmental mandates, issues which had arise during discussions following the opening talk. Rachel provided delegates with an overview on the development of research funders' mandates both at an international and UK national level; noting their particular prevalence here. Following this she examined how these activities had directly impacted on the White Rose Repository's activities; illustrated with case studies. Not unsurprisingly a lively discussion on funding mandates ensued.

Following a break for informal networking, the delegates then enjoyed the time honoured RSP Speed-networking workshop. As usual a very lively buzz of discussion filled the room with one or two members of the RSP dipping into discussions on occasions. Issues raised were reported back to the whole group, and noted for future RSP activities.

Following an excellent lunch Bill Hubbard (RSP) posed the question "The repository? What's its worth?" -a tricky question to truly answer he noted; and perhaps an unfair one to ask. The audience discussed the costs and benefits that arose from running a repository; from which Bill illustrated the strategic value of a repository and the ways in which this can be demonstrated effectively. This was followed by an examination of how to meet differing stakeholder concerns and aspirations; and quantifying the real costs and benefits. Once again the talk provoked a lot of discussion from the gathered delegates.

Finally Julie Allinson (University of York) ran an engaging workshop on SWAP (Scholarly Works Application Profile) for beginners, after which the delegates finished their afternoons hotly debating issues raised during the day.

Event slides are available here.

This event brought the Phase 1 Professional Briefing series, and the RSP events programme for 2007 as a whole, to a satisfying conclusion - as one delegate noted "This has been the single best training event I have ever been to."

Dates for early 2008 have been announced, with more details and events to follow in the coming weeks.

More details on the RSP Professional Briefing series of events for 2008 can be found here.


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