Research in the open: How mandates work in practice

15th June 2009

Featuring contributions by: Stéphane Goldstein, Dominic Tate, Robert Kiley, Astrid Wissenburg, Paul Davey, Julia Wallace, Charles Oppenheim, Paul Ayris, Paul Hubbard, Bill Hubbard, and Branwen Hide.

Presented by: Rachel Salaman,
Recorded: 29th May 2009, during the RSP/RIN one-day meeting Research in the open: How mandates work in practice, London.

This work is licenced under a Creative Commons Attribution Licence.

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Mandating open access to research is an emotive topic, with a wide range of opinions held by the various stakeholders. There are also different ways these 'mandates' can be implemented, if indeed they are to be.

The way to resolve this, as this workshop intended, is to bring together repository managers and representatives of the different stakeholders - publishers, research funders, information professionals to discuss the issues and see what has been done already to help all those concerned to make informed choices.

Join us at the event organised by the RSP and the Research Information Network (RIN) - Research in the Open: How mandates work in practice.

In this podcast, we learn about mandating open access from:

  • Stéphane Goldstein, Research Information Network
  • Dominic Tate, Repositories Support Project
  • Robert Kiley, Head of Digital Services at the Wellcome Library, discusses the Wellcome Trust’s approach to open access mandates.
  • Astrid Wissenburg, Director of Communications and Information at the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), talks about the Research Council’s open access policy and shares the findings of a recent report on open access publishing.
  • Paul Davey, Engagement Manager at UKPubMed Central (UKPMC), tells us how one of the largest repositories works in practice.
  • Julia Wallace, Project Manager of PEER (Publishing and the Ecology of European Research), talks about this EC-supported project and what it aims to achieve.
  • Charles Oppenheim, Professor of Information Science at Loughborough University, talks about how mandates work in practice.
  • Paul Ayris, Director of Library Services at University College London, explains UCL’s approach to institutional mandates.
  • Paul Hubbard, Head of Research Policy at the Higher Education Funding Council for England, outlines HEFCE’s policy on open access mandates.
  • Bill Hubbard, Manager of SHERPA at the University of Nottingham, talks about institutional policies and processes for mandate compliance.
  • Branwen Hide, Research Information Network

Summary: "Within this context, we are very supportive of anything which ensures that publicly funded outputs are more easily and more quickly available to other researchers and to the general public. Open access mandates are one of a number of important tools for ensuring that this happens."


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