Fedora: optimum repository software or overkill?

10th March 2009

With Sandy Payette and Thornton Staples, Fedora Commons

Interviewer: Steve Hitchcock, RSP. Recorded: 22nd January 2009, during the RSP Fedora training days

This work is licenced under a Creative Commons Attribution Licence.

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Fedora is a dark horse among open source repository software, not the first repository software nor the most widely used. But nobody who has been to a Fedora users' day can doubt it is building one of the fastest growing, most committed and enthused communities.

Fedora isn't like other repository software, perhaps closer to a digital library tool than simply a repository. Noted for its power and flexibility, some say it has a steeper learning curve for new users. So is Fedora optimum repository software or overkill?

In this podcast we find out about:

  • What Fedora stands for
  • Fedora funding and its goals
  • The many faces of Fedora
  • Community development
  • Collaboration between Fedora Commons and the DSpace Foundation, and the Duraspace cloud storage initiative
  • Fedora projects (Akubra, a 'pluggable storage component'; Mulgara, an RDF database)
  • Fedora in 2009

More about Fedora: http://www.fedora-commons.org/


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