EPrints: repository software of the future or of the past?

25th March 2009

Featuring contributions by William Nixon, Kate Price, George Harvie, Alan Slevin, Alex Birchall, Sebastian Palucha, Andrew Gray and Lesley Drysdale and featuring an interview with Les Carr, EPrints technical director and training course leader.

Presented by: Steve Hitchcock, RSP and EPrints. Recorded: 11th December 2008, during the during the RSP EPrints Training Day.

This work is licenced under a Creative Commons Attribution Licence.

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EPrints was the first software for building institutional repositories. In this podcast we find out how trainees fared using the latest EPrints software to build and populate a repository in one session using a new Web-based page editor.

Session 1:

  • 'repository users will be familiar with form-based interfaces to add content, but not to add metadata fields'
  • 'very easy to get going with EPrints'
  • 'admin tools are more complicated than you think'

Session 2:

  • 'a practical hands-on session'
  • 'old EPrints much more a programming task - the interface is more intuitive now'
  • 'impressed by the new version of the software (but) this version is not available to us yet'
  • 'I especially like the new metadata creation'
  • IRs for the creative arts: 'visual is key - having EPrints work on those areas has been a huge help'

Session 3:

  • 'going through the configuration files'
  • 'can now access configuration files and edit them in a Web page editor'
  • 'level of scripting in workflow was a surprise'
  • 'new configuration files and Web user interface a real boon'

Interview with Les Carr:

  • 'We tried to pare right back to a simple message: when you build a repository you want to build something that looks right, stores the right information, and has got information in it'
  • 'We've cut a very different path to DSpace or Fedora'
  • 'The number of people available to run a repository - to install and manage it within an institution - is a lot smaller than we would like it to be. We aimed for the ability to manage a repository on a limited capability'
  • 'Repository software has not always had the user at the front.'
  • 'Repositories have been too hard to set up and use'
  • 'We believe individuals should be responsible curators for their own output, and there should be an institutional dimension to that'

More about EPrints http://www.eprints.org/


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