DRIVER: promoting digital repositories across Europe

18th March 2009

With Sophia Jones and Mary Robinson, SHERPA European development officers, and Bill Hubbard, SHERPA manager

Interviewer: Steve Hitchcock, RSP. Recorded: 21 November 2008, at the University of Nottingham

This work is licenced under a Creative Commons Attribution Licence.

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DRIVER, or Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research, could be the largest repository project in the world, geographically at least. The project runs to the end of 2009, and has four main themes: search, support, unity and community.

In this podcast we find out about:

  • DRIVER's European vision and perspectives
  • How DRIVER views repositories and open access
  • DRIVER guidelines for standardising repository metadata
    • including Mentor for sharing experience, and the validator tool to implement compliance with the guidelines
  • Why researchers should use DRIVER search
  • The impact of DRIVER in the UK and other countries
  • Unity and community - giving political voice to European repositories
    • including the DRIVER confederation and alliances
  • The future for DRIVER within Europe and beyond

More about DRIVER:


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