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This page gives details and links for publications, presentations and podcasts prepared by RSP partners and/or written about the Repositories Support Project. Additional presentations may be found under RSP Past Events.

Briefing papers

Briefing papers are concise introductions to key topics of interest to the community, and are aimed at different repository stakeholders.

Repository administrators papers

Technical papers

Senior Managers papers

Briefing Papers from the Research Communications Strategy

  • Gold Open Access Publishing Jill Russell March 2011
  • Open Access: Embedding Repositories Susan Ashworth March 2011
  • Open Access: Beyond the Numbers Martin Hall March 2011
  • Open Access: In Support of Research Paul Ayris March 2011
  • Web advisory documents

    • Cover Sheets by Jenny Delasalle, University of Warwick [Updated Aug 2011]

    Repositories and e-learning materials

    The RSP briefing papers and the complete range of JISC briefing papers are designed to be complementary in coverage and approach. In particular, JISC has produced a briefing paper on sharing learning materials in repositories and another on managing and sharing research resources through repositories.

    Planning checklists

    These planning checklists are offered as a series of key questions designed to ‘make you think'. Please note that we have not crowded the presentation by trying to offer answers to the questions, many of which may be local or specific to each institution.

    Getting started checklists:

    You can also download our combined planning checklist [PDF]



    e-Theses briefing papers

    Other publications