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Workshops & Training

Once you have a repository in place you might want to consider running specific workshops and training on the use of the repository, for example taking authors through the processes of submission systems, or covering topics such as copyright, or the principle of Open Access. It is also worth trying to get the repository represented on existing training programmes running within the institution. This prevents duplicating effort and there are several benefits to tapping into existing training opportunities. For example, postgraduates often receive a variety of training sessions in preparation for writing their theses and dissertations and this would be an ideal opportunity to introduce them to the details of submitting e-thesis to the repository.


Printed media such as posters, leaflets and postcards can also be a useful way of promoting the repository to faculty. These can be distributed at events and presentations about the repository or can be sent out as an internal mailshot to academics. Again, keeping the message simple and offering well designed materials with a high visual impact will ensure the repository is presented in the best possible light.

Using the Media

A final opportunity for internal promotion of the repository is to use existing sources of internal media. Placing articles, news items and profiles in internal newsletters can improve the visibility of the repository. Internal media for either staff, students or alumni can be considered and both hard copy and online options should be utilised.

A small collection of articles in the popular press on open access and repositories is maintained by SHERPA, although Peter Suber's blog covers a broader cross-section of both the academic and popular press publications.

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