Tackling the Preservation Challenge: Practical Steps for Repository Managers

12th December 2008

Novotel, St. Pancras, London

We all know that preservation of repository content is vital - but we also know that in practical terms it remains largely unresolved. What should we be doing right now to embed preservation into the working practice of repositories? Who should we be talking to?

Are there tools and services out there which can support repository managers in their work today? Are preservation experts and services tuned into the practical workflow requirements of their repository manager colleagues? If this has any resonance then this event is for you!

The Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC), the Repositories Support Project (RSP), the Digital Curation Centre (DCC) and the JISC are organising a joint workshop on the 12th December at the Novotel Hotel, Euston, London. The intention is to bring together key stakeholders, the repository managers and preservation experts, at a practical focussed event to talk together and share perspectives, requirements, problems and solutions. It is hoped that the workshop will lead to collective recommendations for what the next moves for repository managers and preservation specialists should be to provide practical focussed support, services and tools. The workshop should in addition further repository managers’ understanding of how to implement preservation strategies and processes.

As well as the formal presentations there will also be a marketplace when there will be an opportunity to view posters, and engage with project teams and see demonstrations of the latest tools. The day will close with a participative discussion session.

Prior to the event the organisers shall gather concerns and requirements from repository managers and preservation experts/services and synthesise these into 'Top 5 Concerns', 'Top 5 Wishes' and 'Top 5 Solutions' (for practical implementation). These will then be collated to form the basis for the panel discussion.

Who should attend?

Repository managers, librarians, archivists, digital preservation experts, information management specialists, service providers.

Benefits of attendance

  • An opportunity to share your preservations issues, (concerns, wishes, solutions) with peers and experts.
  • To gain insight from repository managers on how they are approaching preservation on different platforms.
  • To get up to speed with the outcomes from the extant services and projects working in this important area.
  • To gain some tips from fellow practitioners on what works for them.
  • To share your digital preservation expertise with the repository community


For the full programme, please see the DPC Events Website.


For further information contact RSP.

Alternatively, email RSP Support or phone 0845 257 6860.