RSP Summer School 2008

18th June 2008

Thornton Manor, The Wirral, Cheshire


We are delighted to announce the launch of the 2008 RSP Summer School for managers of HE institutional repositories across England and Wales.

Attendees will have the opportunity to engage in wide-ranging discussions about repositories and gain hands-on experience with a range of interactive seminars, practical workshops, lectures and panel sessions delivered by a range of expert practitioners. The focused sessions will be supplemented by a series of networking sessions and social engagements, all of the delightful surroundings of Thornton Manor on the Wirral.

Programme highlights include:

  • Metadata & Interoperability
  • Preservation
  • Advocacy
  • Legal issues
  • Repository statistics

Attendees at this summer school will become part of a supported repository community, with the summer school as the first in a planned series of activities to facilitate growth, communication and collaboration between participants.


The RSP summer school 2008 is aimed at those have an existing repository and wish to enhance and develop their service, rather than those institutions just starting out or new to the repository arena.


Time Description More info.
13:00 Arrival and Refreshments  
14:00 Opening Talks  
14:00 Introduction to RSP Summer school – Chris Yates, RSP, Aberystwyth University Download
14:10 JISC Repositories & Preservation Programme – Amber Thomas, JISC Programme Manager Download
14:30 Session 1: Getting to know you  
14:30 A speed networking session – Led by Chris Yates, RSP, Aberystwyth University & Steve Hitchcock, RSP Download
14:30 Refreshments  
17:00 RSP Summer School Graduate Talk – Kara Jones, University of Bath Download
17:30 End of Day  
19:00 Evening meal  
19:00 Evening Meal  
Time Description More info.
09:00 Session 2: Interoperability & Metadata  
09:00 Repositories & Interoperability – Chris Yates, RSP, Aberystwyth University Download
10:45 Registration & Refreshments  
11:15 Session 3: Preservation – Steve Hitchcock, RSP, University of Southampton Download
11:30 Preservation: Storage management  
12:00 Preservation: Tools and services  
12:30 Practical session  
13:00 Lunch  
14:00 Session 4: Advocacy  
14:00 Rumours, Bargains, Lies, & More Lies... – Mary Robinson, RSP, University of Nottingham Download
14:45 Pushing Doors and Opening Windows – Niamh Brennan, Trinity College Library, Dublin Download
15:30 Refreshments  
16:00 Session 6: Feedback and panel session – Led by Bill Hubbard  
17:30 End of day  
Time Description More info.
09:00 Session 7: Legal Issues – Morag Greig, University of Glasgow Download
09:00 Overview  
09:15 Focus on Copyright  
10:00 Practical Case Study  
10:30 Refreshments  
10:50 Session 8: Statistics – Peter Millington, RSP, University of Nottingham & Chris Yates, RSP, Aberystwyth University Download
10:50 The What and Why of Statistics  
11:20 Sources and Tools  
11:50 Issues and Solutions  
12:20 Short Break  
12:30 Feedback & Wrap-up – Led by Steve Hitchcock, RSP, University of Southampton  
13:00 Final lunch  
14:00 Depart  


For further information contact RSP.

Alternatively, email RSP Support or phone 0845 257 6860.