RSP Summer School 2007

27th June 2007 - 29th June 2007

Dartington Hall, Totnes, Devon, TQ9 6EL


Attendees had the opportunity to engage in scholarly debates on current repository theory and gain hands-on experience with repository software and tools. A range of interactive seminars, practical workshops, lectures and panel sessions were delivered by a range of expert practitioners drawn from projects such as DAEDALUS, TARDIS, SHERPA, Repository Bridge and the RSP. These focused sessions were supplemented by a series of networking sessions and social engagements, all in the delightful surroundings of Dartington Hall.

This was an excellent and unique opportunity to join a developing community of repository managers from its very inception. Attendees at this summer school became part of a supported community for the next year, with the summer school as the first in a planned series of activities to facilitate growth, communication and collaboration of the community and its members. The RSP will continue to work with colleagues who have already established their repository through other events and supporting activities.

The RSP summer school 2007 was firmly aimed at those who are just starting with a repository development. All institutions currently at the early stages of repository implementation - including those just in the planning stage - were encouraged to apply for a place on the course.


Wednesday, 27th June 2007

Time Description More info.
14:00 Refreshments & Opening – Chris Pressler (Dean, Dartington College)  
14:15 Introduction to Repositories & RSP Summer School – Bill Hubbard (RSP)  
14:30 Before you start – Facilitator: Bill Hubbard (RSP)  
15:00 Drivers and Barriers – Alma Swan (Key Perspectives Ltd.) Download Download
15:30 Making a business case  
16:00 Strategic & requirements planning  
16:30 Refreshments and networking break  
17:00 Feedback & discussion – Facilitator: Les Carr (RSP)  
17:30 End of day  
19:00 Evening meal  

Thursday, 28th June 2007

Time Description More info.
08:30 Introduction to Repository Software – Jackie Knowles (RSP)  
09:00 DSpace & ePrints – Les Carr (RSP) Download Download
09:30 Demonstration & practical session – Steve Hitchcock, Chris Yates (RSP)  
10:00 Case studies – Steve Hitchcock, Chris Yates (RSP)  
10:30 Refreshments and networking break  
11:00 Session 3: Workflows & metadata – Facilitator: Steve Hitchcock (RSP)  
11:30 Overview of concepts – Jackie Knowles (RSP) Download Download
12:00 Metadata schemas and purposes  
12:30 Practical metadata or workflow demos  
13:00 Lunch  
14:00 Session 4: Legal issues – Facilitator: Chris Yates (RSP)  
14:15 Copyright & Licensing – Jane Smith (RSP) Download Download
14:45 Demo & practical session: using the RoMEO database  
15:00 Session 5 – Facilitator: Jackie Knowles (RSP)  
15:05 Session 5a: Policy options  
15:10 Defining your policy framework – Jackie Knowles, Bill Hubbard (RSP)  
15:20 Demo & practical session: using the OpenDOAR policies tool  
15:30 Session 5b: Preservation planning  
15:35 Preservation planning: why and how? – Steve Hitchcock (RSP)  
15:40 Demo & practical session: intro to preservation services  
16:00 Refreshments and networking break  
16:30 Session 6: Feedback and panel session – Facilitator: Stephanie Taylor (RSP)  
16:35 Open forum – Panel Chair: Bill Hubbard (RSP). Panel: Steve Hitchcock, Jane Smith, Jackie Knowles, Chris Yates (RSP)  
17:30 End of day  
19:00 Evening meal  

Friday, 29th June 2007

Time Description More info.
08:30 Session 7: Populating your repository – Facilitator: Stephanie Taylor (RSP)  
08:35 Deposit issues – Sally Rumsey (University of Oxford) Download Download
09:00 Advocacy approaches  
09:30 Providing advice, training & support for users  
10:00 Refreshments and networking break  
10:30 Session 8: Breakouts – Facilitator: Chris Yates (RSP) Download Download
11:00 Developing a marketing strategy – Lead: Bill Hubbard (RSP). Group Staff: Steve Hitchcock, Jackie Knowles, Stephanie Taylor, Jane Smith, Bill Hubbard (RSP)  
11:30 Stakeholder management  
12:00 Feedback & discussion – Lead: Bill Hubbard (RSP)  
12:30 Wrap-up and next steps – Lead: Bill Hubbard (RSP)  
13:00 Final lunch  
14:00 Depart  


For further information contact RSP.

Alternatively, email RSP Support or phone 0845 257 6860.