RSP EPrints Training Day

11th December 2008

University of London Computer Centre

Aimed at librarians and repository staff using the open-source EPrints software, the morning sessions will cover the installation and visual customisation of EPrints, metadata schema design and the batch importing of legacy records. The afternoon sessions will look at repository administration in more detail – deposit workflow, quality assurance, batch editing etc, and will include some practical exercises.


Time Description
09:30 Registration & Refreshments
10:00 How to make a repository - the installation, the visual design, the metadata schema design and importing a batch of legacy records
11:00 Coffee &Tea
11:15 My Repository - a worked example which leads you through the process of building your own repository (with support from the trainers)
12:45 Luncheon
13:45 Repository Administration in more detail - searches, views, metadata, deposit workflow, controlling bibliographic formats etc.
14:45 Coffee & Tea
15:00 Practical exercises - a selection of worked examples for delegates to try out
16:00 End


For further information contact RSP.

Alternatively, email RSP Support or phone 0845 257 6860.