Building a successful national network: how we did it in the UK and where we're going.

9th July 2012

University of Edinburgh, Appleton Tower

This workshop will showcase research repositories in UK higher education. It will demonstrate how widespread the network is, how coordinated the UK is as a community, what the Repositories Support Project has done to encourage this, the role of United Kingdom Council of Research Repositories and what JISC has done in terms of a national approach to support and development.

Delegates from outside the UK will have the opportunity to get an in depth understanding of the repository network in the UK and also to talk to repository staff about their experiences.

A storify of the workshop can be found here.


Time Description More info.
13:30 Introduction – Jackie Wickham  
13:35 The role of JISC in Supporting repository development – Balviar Notay Download
14:00 The Sherpa Project – Jackie Wickham Download
14:15 The Repositories Support Project – Jackie Wickham Download
14:35 The University of Glasgow institutional repository: a case study – Marie Cairney  
15:00 UKCoRR: an independent organisation for UK repository staff – Gareth Johnson Download
15:15 Break  
15:30 Break out sessions – Dominic Tate, Nick Shepherd, Mary Betts-Gray, Nicola Dowson  
16:15 Report back and summary – Jackie Wickham  


For further information contact Jackie Wickham.

Alternatively, email RSP Support or phone 0845 257 6860.